Devoted to analog audio, tube amplifier, loudspeaker, radio amateur antenna

Welcome to the technical homepage of Bent Seested

Dear visitor.

I am happy to invite you inside my technical homepage.

I hope you will find inspiration and that you will be encouraged to design your own amplifier equipment, loudspeaker or antenna.

You are welcome to use the information on my homepage, it be as an amateur, or as a commercial electronic designer. 

If you have any questions, you are welcome to use the "Contact" topmenu. I will then respond to you as soon as possible.

Do feel free to put a link to (incl. deeplinks) on your webpage.

My background is 40 years of commercial electronic design, and more than 50 years of interest in electronics.

My education is Master of  science in electronic engineering.

At present the homepage has just been designed, and the content is very low. I hope, that by time, a great deal of my knowledge in electronics wil be described.

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